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Hello Friend and welcome to The Friendly Manual. You know, as in RTFM – ‘Read The Friendly Manual.’ (That’s right, the ‘F’ stands for ‘Friendly.’ Trust me on this, I would never lie to you about something so important.)

This project aims to showcase and promote Free/Libre and Open Source Software. It began life as a forum thread on South Africa’s number one IT website, mybroadband.co.za with community members contributing hundreds of their favourite Free or Open Source applications to a ‘Useful List of Free/Libre/Open Source Software Projects.’

The list has been hosted as a Github Gist but now we have upgraded to a website so we can make the list even more useful and publish richer content such as tutorials and blog articles.

Please check out our Friendly Free Software Directory for a list of Free software that we hope you will find interesting and useful. You can find the original forum thread HERE and the original list HERE.

Thanks for stopping by. Please check back soon for more Free and Open Source software related content.


License: GPLv3


SELKSâ„¢ is a free, open-source, and turn-key Suricata network intrusion detection/protection system (IDS/IPS), network security monitoring (NSM) and threat hunting implementation created and maintained by Stamus Networks. Released under GPL 3.0-or-later license, the live distribution is available as either a live and installable Debian-based ISO or via Docker compose on any Linux operating system.


License: MIT


PwnDoc is a pentest reporting application making it simple and easy to write your findings and generate a customizable Docx report. The main goal is to have more time to Pwn and less time to Doc by mutualizing data like vulnerabilities between users.


License: Apache 2


OpenTelemetry is an Observability framework and toolkit designed to create and manage telemetry data such as traces, metrics, and logs. Crucially, OpenTelemetry is vendor- and tool-agnostic, meaning that it can be used with a broad variety of Observability backends, including open source tools like Jaeger and Prometheus, as well as commercial offerings.