License: LGPLv3


SonarQube provides the capability to not only show the health of an application but also to highlight issues newly introduced. With a Quality Gate in place, you can achieve Clean Code and therefore improve code quality systematically.


License: Apache 2


Find security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and infrastructure misconfigurations early in the development cycle of your infrastructure-as-code with KICS by Checkmarx. KICS stands for Keeping Infrastructure as Code Secure, it is open source and is a must-have for any cloud native project.


License: GPLv3


Clover is a simple lab information management system (LIMS) designed for biology labs, especially for plant biology labs. The goal of Clover is to provide a simple way for documenting, managing and searching lab resources. Clover offers tracking and handling of material produced, lab jargons, catalogs, and order requests.