License: GPLv3


Naikari is a 2-D space trading and mercenary sandbox game. Its primary inspirations are Star Wraith 2, RiftSpace, and to a lesser extent, Endless Sky. It may also incidentally be similar to the Escape Velocity series since Naev (which Naikari is a fork of) and Endless Sky are inspired by that, although the Escape Velocity series is not a direct influence and Naikari does not necessarily seek to be like it. You pilot space ships from a top-down perspective which you can collect and customize more or less however you want. To get new ships, you can deliver cargo, hunt bounties, join and assist various factions, or even turn to piracy if you dare go against the Empire. Additionally, to keep the game feeling fresh and allow you to seek out goals beyond just getting more credits and ships, several storylines are available which you can proceed through if you wish. All storylines are optional and kept out of the way if you have no interest in them.

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