License: GPLv3


Promcat is a project maintained by Sysdig that offers a curated catalog of setup guides, dashboards and alerts fully compatible with Prometheus and covering how to monitor the most important cloud native technologies.


License: LGPLv3


Yggdrasil is a new experimental compact routing scheme. It is designed to be a future-proof and decentralised alternative to the structured routing protocols commonly used today on the Internet, as well as an enabling technology for future large-scale mesh networks.


License: BSD 3-Clause


NetBird combines a configuration-free peer-to-peer private network and a centralized access control system in a single platform, making it easy to create secure private networks for your organization or home. Connect. NetBird creates a WireGuard-based overlay network that automatically connects your machines over an encrypted tunnel, leaving behind the hassle of opening ports, complex firewall rules, VPN gateways, and so forth. Secure. NetBird enables secure remote access by applying granular access policies, while allowing you to manage them intuitively from a single place. Works universally on any infrastructure.